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XBar Add-on

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XBar Add-on

Mesaj  abruzzi Bir Ptsi Ekim 04, 2010 11:11 pm


Creates a small bar at the top or bottom of ur screen,
which lets u watch stats/infos as well as interact within.


Buttons can be moved while pressing shift+right mouse...to permanently save their positions u have to relog once.
If u click a Button with left mouse, it will open an embedded Frame/Menu if included there, some got more options u will see in their tooltips.
Tooltips also contain more precise informations about stats declared to it.

If enabled, u can move several Unit- and Window-Frames while pressing shift+right mouse, their position will be stored.
The minimap can be hidden, if u press on the N at its top, right mouse will open the worldmap.
U'll find many more features, like onlinetimer, afkmode, a banking tip etc.

First Start:

In the very first beginning, XBar will arange any Buttons near together and place related and activated Frames to a default position.
U are free to move several Frames coming with the official UI, hiding content of the bar itself and much more...

If for some reason u can't see the XBar, maybe this can help u: How to reset XBar's values (thx to ankido).

U can also type /script XBarCfgBtn:Show() in the chat to let the ConfigButton show up in the corner u placed XBar last time (default is upper left), clicking it then will let u configure the XBar again.

Thanks to the following people:

Slayblaze for the creation of usermade skins for XBar.
krankhaft for another skin i reworked for usage in XBar too.
dhrami for showing up the simplicity of a damagemeter.
ArcticXWolf for his guild plugin.

all of u for posting bugs, making suggestions and sure using the addon. Happy


* Buttons (configurable, hideable & moveable)
Bag, Money/Banker, Ammo, Mail, DPS/Durability, Exp/TP, Classes/Lvl, Friendlist, Guildlist, Performance/Afk, Clock/Date/onlineTimer
* embedded ConfigurationMenu (to adjust many options)
* XFrames (let´s u move several Frames)
* MainMenu replacement
* AntiSpam Function (use lower case for all letters!)
* AFK Mode / AutoAFK [url][/url]


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