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Okyanusun Kalbi-Tüm Bosslar

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Okyanusun Kalbi-Tüm Bosslar

Mesaj  Unforbidden Bir Salı Ekim 05, 2010 12:24 am

Group Setup:
- you need a tank. It is possible to tank some bosses with dd's but Medusa and Geba definitely require a tank atm.
- 1-2 healers. The second boss is really easy with two healers. If you have high dps, a second healer can save your life at medusa if you fail some timings
- Mage. There are a couple of situations where mage AE is really helpfull.
- Ranged slow. You need someone who can cast a ranged slow. A priest is fine for this, but acutally they shall be healing, not slowing Wink

Bloodthirsty C
Most of Bloodthirsty Claw is an add control encounter.
The boss has a nasty 4 second cast, that deals an enormous amount of damage:

This cast hits targets faced by the boss. So the easiest solution is to turn it away from the group making it face a wall.
Depending on your healers and the tank HP the tank can just take the hit - about 5-10k - or just step aside and let the mob hit the wall.

Various adds will spawn. Killing those mobs will damage the boss, so you don't need to damage the boss, just kill the adds.

One special add is the Magical Jellyfish. This add can't be damaged by spells, has a mana draining aura and appears next to the priest.
So the healers need to move away from them. They will despawn after about 30 seconds.

So basically your tank has to avoid the Splinter Magic and the rest control the adds. Priests avoid mana drainers.

Teeth of the Reef:
This is a healing encounter with some AE control. The mob itself has just simple and slow attacks on the aggro target with low damage.

The biggest challenge is the "Big Ripper" debuff that appears randomly on party members:

It can only be removed by restoring the HP to 100%, so you need to heal those ticks pretty fast. I recommend to reduce the Party hp to 12k each or less.
Otherwise those ticks are almost unhealable.

Unfortunately the Ripper is not the only heal challenge, there is also an 8 second poison that increases the cast time a lot.

If you have a druid with you, he can remove his venom or from other healers. Otherwise you might need potions for cast speed increase or just some phirius potions to outheal the ticks.

Furthermore there is a random dot:

With the dot a couple of Adds appear around the person suffering the "Crush Injury" debuff. Those have to be removed by AE.

Reduce your hp, watch for adds and heal the debuffs. Pretty easy overall.

Jiasha is a movement encounter. Once you enter her room, a big jelly fish will appear and lock the entrance:

You can neither leave nor enter the room, so make sure that the whole group is inside!

Once the battle has started, Jiasha weakens your blessing of king of water:

During this effect you lose 25% maxhp/3 sec.

To counter the weaked blessing, you need to get another buff by moving into the bubbles all over the floor.

These appear at random points for a random time

As long as you stay inside the bubbles you receive a six second lasting buff that counter the damage from the weakened blessing.

After a period of time two blue rays will appear on the floor crossing the room.

If you stand inside those rays you need to move out instantly.

Two seconds after the blue rays have appeared a high damage shock replaces those rays:

Staying in this shock deals around 5000dmg/sec. The width of each ray is about 70 units.

Your party must avoid being hit by the shock by all means necesarry, also if this means leaving the bubbles and taking some damage from swallowing water.
The best way is to stay close together and follow the tank.

Jiasha also has a little dot, it is not dangerous but it's there

Stay together and keep cool if you are running out of air, just heal it or use some pot, do never run through the shock rays.
Damage dealt by the boss to the tank is quite low, the only real danger are those nasty rays.
Staying at a wall might also be deadly; depending on your viewing angle you will not be able to see the blue rays, but you will feel the hit. So stay away from walls.
Players with weak hardware are recommended ro reduce the graphic settings, because these rays might cause a huge fps lags.
One more thing to mention is an enrage time leasting 8 minutes, afterwards anyone will be onehitted.

This boss is about tanking, The tank has to avoid a couple of styles and kite in various situations.
First of all you need is space! So either use the upper platform where you are coming from or clear both tables on his patrolling path.
Geba deals heavy damage to his aggro target, but there is no further direct group damage.

He uses to spam a long cast style, the Whirl Counterattack:

After 3.5 seconds he will start rotating and hitting anyone close to him for massive damage.
This style hits the tank for 10-15k, so its mandatory to avoid it, which is quite easy in an 3.5 second cast.

Usually a red whirl will appear after a counterattack at gebas castplace.

Melees and tank need to avoid this whirls. Those strike for 4k/3sec - not reducable.
Be carefull, sometimes these whirls will appear kinda randomly so watch out.

Gebas most dangerous style is a 2 second cast called "Geba's Rage". At the beginning of that cast the whole group receives a long lasting slow debuff;

This can be cleared by Priest or Mage/Priest. It needs to be removed from the tank.

After finishing his cast, geba will enter an enrage mode

Other than the tooltip says, he will not deal tripple damage, he will just onehit anyone, so the tank must start kiting him.
However this isn't possible if the slow debuff still remains on the Tank. Furthermore I recommend to slow Geba, it is not mandatory, but it helps a lot.
Sometimes he casts a counterattack during rage, so avoid kiting it near to the other party members.

Furthermore he casts "Geba's Magic".

An add will appear looking exactly the same as Geba with 70k hp. The Add freezes one party member, making him unable to act until the Add was killed.
If you use only one healer and he gets frozen, some kiting for the Tank might be nessecary.
The add has to die fast, it has low dps, but the freeze also drains mana.

Overall it is about kiting and moving away from styles. Good timed slows help a lot.

I messed up some screenshots so; I am going to update this as soon as I have made some fresh stuff.

Medusa starts with three buffs:
- 100% magical and physical def increase
- 3% lifereg every 2 second
- magical Damage
To remove these buffs you need to get a "Sound Shell". As long as the hpreg buff is not removed, you don't need to dps on the mob.

As the fight starts Medusa casts "rocks" on party members:

These have 10k HP and need to be killed instantly. If the rocks aren't killed in time, that party member becomes petrified (dead).

About five seconds after the third rock is gone, the "Sound Shell" appears and Medusa starts channeling an 8 second spell.
During this time the group has to nuke down a 50k HP shield on medusa. If you succeed, the channeling stops and you are able to use the "Sound Shell".
If you fail to do the required damage the group dies instantly.
After obtaining the Sound Shell you can remove one of medusas buffs.

To remove a buff the shell holding person need to click on one of the marked petrified NPCs within 30 seconds.
NPC 1: removes hp reg.
NPC 2: removes magic dmg.
NPC 3: removes armor buff.

My recomendation is to remove the armor first, so you can deal way more damage and do not need any cooldowns to remove the shield within the channeling phase. Remove the hp reg as second, so you can dps medusa.
After obtaining a "Sound Shell" the "rock rotation" begins over again, until all three buffs are removed.
After the third Sound Shell Phase a new mob phase is started. It doesn't matter wether you removed all the buffs or not!
Hint: A member is petrified a last time after the thrid "Sound Shell", so don't let him die.

The group now moves to the initial position of Medusa for the next phase.
Now you need to kill Medusa, but its not that easy. Every couple of seconds the whole party receives a stacking debuff:

That debuffs ticks for 1000dmg/3sec/stack. So healing and healaggro becomes an issue.

After each stack-up 3-5 small yellow snakes appear:

You have about five seconds to damage the Snakes, but not to kill them. If a snakes bites you, all debuffs are removed!
Since you don't have enough snakes for everyone you need either to share snakes (make groups of two) or try to move the aggro.
Healaggro always pulls the snakes after you aggroed them, so the dd's need to hit them with melee damage to get the clearing bite.

After a couple of seconds all snakes must be dead! If you fail to kill the snakes a huge blue snake appears from each unkilled yellow snake:

These guys don't deal serious damage, but a nasty mana drain debuff. It ticks for 500mp/2sec! Make sure the yellow snakes dies!

Note: if the Medusa damage debuff stacks over two or three stacks, it becomes really hard healable, especially on the Tank.
We managed to heal out 5 stacks (on one party member) with two priests, but this approach isn't effective and not recommended.
Damage received by tank damage is quite high and the group receives some stuns and damage aswell.
So remove debuffs and dps the mob - Happy looting!


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